Free Pattern – Fierté

Fierté - a free pattern on

This Thanksgiving, in the wake of the attacks in Paris and other parts of the world, I am particularly grateful for the safety and comfort that I have. Today, a few of my friends and I are posting patterns in honor of / support for France, and this is mine. This easy, somewhat slouchy, hat pattern features a wide band with a … Continue reading →

Free Pattern – Red Eye square

Red Eye Square

This is the last of four 5 inch squares I made as homework for a crochet retreat. It does have more ends to weave in, but it’s still fun to make and goes quickly. You may be surprised to know, those raised blue lines are NOT post stitches. How do they work then? Read on and find out! This pattern is protected by copyright. … Continue reading →

Free Pattern – Last Minute 4th of July Headband

4th of July headband collage

Do you need a last minute accessory for tonight’s festivities?  There’s still time! I waited until the last minute too, and this headband is what I came up with.   This design combines 2 of my previous patterns with a simple red chain. It only uses basic stitches, but combines knitting and crochet. This is a great project for a beginning … Continue reading →

Free Pattern – Jacob & Julia

Jacob & Julia Bracelet

Jacob & Julia lived on opposite sides of a big wall. They could talk through cracks in the wall, but it wasn’t enough. They needed to be together. Jacob built a ladder on his side of the wall, and Julia built a ladder on her side. When they met at the top and embraced, their two hearts joined and became … Continue reading →

Red Ribbons

My Christmas tree, decorated with red ribbons

We tried something new this year with our tree. In the past we’ve done mostly blue, white, and silver, with tinsel that gets absolutely everywhere. This year we thought we’d change it up with some red and gold poinsettia ribbons instead. It’s definitely a bolder, more striking look. I think it turned out pretty well; do you agree?  I do need a … Continue reading →