Stashing on Ravelry

A sample stash page on Ravelry

Today, I am sorting through and organizing all the new yarn I got on my trip to the Knit and Crochet show. There’s a lot of it, and like many of you, I already had a lot at home! Without some way to manage it, I would never remember what I have. Luckily, once again, it’s Ravelry to the rescue. I use the … Continue reading →

#DIW2 – Last section….or is it?

Sections 7 & 8

How are you coming along with your DIW2 mystery CAL blog hop scarf? I’m still a couple of sections behind, but plan to catch up tonight. Here are sections 7 & 8 on my scarf:If you do finish section 10, remember NOT to start your repeats yet until you hear tomorrow’s special announcement.  Don’t worry about finishing on time, we’ll be … Continue reading →

#DIW2 – Halfway done!

#DIW2 scarf sections 1-6

We’ve just finished section 6 of the DIW2 mystery CAL blog hop scarf, so we’re actually a little more than halfway done. Don’t worry though, it’s easy to catch up! each section is only 5 rows, and there will be a little catching up time coming soon. This has been so much fun to do – it’s exciting to see the … Continue reading →

Making the most of your Ravelry project pages

project info for my toe up stripey socks on Ravelry

Have you ever started a project, put it down for a while, and then forgotten which hook you used, where you put the pattern, or what your stitch count was supposed to be at some particular point? I do it all the time! That’s why I now try to use the notebook features on Ravelry as much as possible, to … Continue reading →

Meet Tina Baker – Designer!

This is my friend Tina. That stunning capelet next to her is the very first design she’s ever published on Ravelry! Tina is one of the owners of my favorite LYS, The Nook, in Lisle IL. She is also an accomplished knitter and knitwear designer. She sells many of her creations in the store, but this is the first pattern … Continue reading →


Last night, I couldn’t decide what to do. I could have made some progress on any of the 3 new patterns I’ve been working on. I could have (finally) written up the review of my LYS that I’ve been meaning to write. I could have just worked on my Socks with Sarah socks, or the lacey vest/jacket thing that is … Continue reading →

Finish It Challenge update

We’re 11 days in to the 2014 Finish It Challenge and I am already wishing I was done with my NNSB blanket. This challenge is just what I needed to push me to finish it, otherwise it would have been back in it’s home on the stash shelf again by now. I’m starting to get excited now though, because I’m … Continue reading →