Tutorial – Custom stitch markers

I wanted to make some promotional stitch markers, highlighting some of my patterns. Now I’m not a jewlery designer by any stretch of the imagination (I tried for a while…and I still have the nightmares), but I figured this was something even I could manage. As it turns out, I was right. I just LOVE how these turned out! They … Continue reading →

Designing pages with photo placeholders

Page layout using placeholders

Have you ever printed out photos for a page, only to realize later that you would have preferred to have the photos in a different size? I used to do that all the time! More than once, halfway through designing a page layout, I would throw away and reprint all the photos. It was a real waste of time, paper, and ink! Then one … Continue reading →

Help me, caramel macchiatto

You’re my only hope! This post is part of the 5th Annual Knitting & Crochet Blog Week. #KCBW5 #5KCBWDAY3 … Continue reading →