LYS Review – The Nook in Lisle IL (part 2)

The work room at the Nook

A little while ago, I told you a lot about my LYS, the Nook in Lisle IL.  That post sort of kept growing and growing, until I found I had written too much and hadn’t even mentioned yarn yet! I decided to keep all the yarnie goodness for this 2nd post. The Nook has two owners, Tina and Kitty, both … Continue reading →

LYS Review – The Nook in Lisle IL (part 1)

Yarn bombed car

I’ve learned, over this last year, that a great LYS can be so much more than a place to buy yarn. It’s a home away from home, a place for fun, friends, advice of all kinds, and that warm fuzzy feeling that you just belong. It’s like the line from Cheers – “where everybody knows your name.” At least, that’s … Continue reading →

Meet Tina Baker – Designer!

This is my friend Tina. That stunning capelet next to her is the very first design she’s ever published on Ravelry! Tina is one of the owners of my favorite LYS, The Nook, in Lisle IL. She is also an accomplished knitter and knitwear designer. She sells many of her creations in the store, but this is the first pattern … Continue reading →

Which type of yarn are you?

You’ve seen lots of different kinds of yarn and no doubt have your favorite, but do you know which one you are most like? Maybe you’re a soft, cuddly, delicate baby alpaca, or a sturdy, hardworking cotton… Take the quiz and find out!  (11/15/15 Update – the site that supported this quiz has shut down, so the quiz is no longer available.) … Continue reading →