Pattern Review – Nifty Needle Case by Moogly

Pattern Review - Nifty Needle Case by Moogly

I loose my yarn needles all the time. (All. The. Time.) Do you? I know I have dozens of them in this house somewhere, but at the moment can only find 3. So when I saw this new “Nifty Needle Case” pattern by Moogly, I decided I had to have one. I’m happy to say it turned out to be exactly like all … Continue reading →

Free Pattern – Criss cross apple sauce

Criss Cross Applesauce collage

The back and forth, crossed post stitches (cables) at the center of this square form a lattice like texture. There is a Jacob’s ladder / braid stitch in each corner, tucked under smaller chain spaces for a more criss-crossed look. The back of the square has a completely different, but also interesting texture, which looks a bit like layered shell stitches. The pattern is written with … Continue reading →

Meeting Moogly

Meeting Tamara Kelly of Moogly

Last weekend, Tamara Kelly from Moogly taught a workshop for our local CGOA chapter. That’s right, I finally got to meet her, and it was awesome! I know I often joke about Tamara being my hero, but the truth is I’ve really admired and respected her for a long time now. … Continue reading →

Crocheting along – Moogly Afghan CAL – Block 7

Square 7 - Moogly's Afghan CAL

Here is my square 7 for the Moogly Afghan CAL. It still needs to be blocked, so please forgive the wavy edges: This Pinwheel Square by One Dog Woof was fun to make. I love when a simple technique can be used in a creative way to make something entirely new! This is basically 4 granny squares with color changes. The original … Continue reading →

Crocheting along – Moogly Afghan CAL – Block 6

Square 6 for the Moogly CAL blanket

Yay! I’m all caught up again with the Moogly Afghan CAL! Here’s my latest square: This is my version of square 6. The pattern is called Solstice Sun Rising by HodgePodge Crochet.  I was absolutely blown away by the center of this square. It’s done with basically a curved strip of bruges lace that is then joined to form a circle! Very unique and fun, and … Continue reading →

Crocheting along – Moogly Afghan CAL – Block 5

It seems like I’m playing catch-up a lot recently, and my progress on the Moogly Afghan CAL is no exception. The CAL is already on block 6, but I have just finished my block 5. Here it is! This is my variation of the Unbroken Hearts square by Posh Pooch Designs. This was a fairly laid back square compared to the others, which was nice. As … Continue reading →

Crocheting along – Moogly Afghan CAL – Block 4

Square 4 for the Moogly CAL blanket

Eep! I’m afraid I’ve gotten a little behind on my squares for the Moogly Afghan CAL. She just announced block 5 today, and I’m just now ready to show you my block 4! I loved this Family Square by Stacey Williams of Busting Stitches. The best part for me was the rotation in the middle. I loved watching the corners of … Continue reading →