Free Pattern – Twilight Reverie

Twilight Reverie - A free pattern on

With the Blueberry Hill shawl, we worked lover’s knots in a rectangle. This capelet uses the same basic stitch, but with added shaping. It’s just the right weight to warm bare shoulders on a breezy spring or summer evening, and can be worn with the opening in front, or over one shoulder. It works up quickly with the Red Heart Boutique … Continue reading →

Tutorial – Solomon’s Knot / Lover’s Knot

Solomon's knot tutorial on - a chain of lks

The Solomon’s knot or Lover’s knot stitch (lk) is a fast and easy way to create beautiful, lacy fabrics. The actual stitch is very simple – an extended chain combined with a single crochet. Here’s how you do it: Pull up a working loop to the desired length. If you are following a pattern, it should specify the length. Most … Continue reading →

Free Pattern – For Emily

For Emily - One size fits most

This unique poncho is worked in one piece, from the top down. It has a folded down shirt collar, and a folded up bottom hem, both with a border of little hearts. I have to give a great big thank you to my friend Annie, who convinced me to try the folded up hem! The “one size fits most” design … Continue reading →

Free Pattern – Jacob & Julia

Jacob & Julia Bracelet

Jacob & Julia lived on opposite sides of a big wall. They could talk through cracks in the wall, but it wasn’t enough. They needed to be together. Jacob built a ladder on his side of the wall, and Julia built a ladder on her side. When they met at the top and embraced, their two hearts joined and became … Continue reading →

A Spidey sack for my secret admirer

A bit photo heavy today. My Thursday evening gift from my secret admirer was: The card says “I would be all mixed up without you”. Can you see the glitter? Today I got a big surprise…look at this! They’re two little zebra danios in a little fish bowl! They’re happily at home with my other fishies now, and I may … Continue reading →

Today’s valentine

This was in my mailbox at work this morning, from my secret admirer: I’ve been told that these gifts show up in the evenings, so I’m actually a day behind and this is yesterday’s gift. I’ll have to remember to check my mail again before I leave tonight! 🙂 … Continue reading →

My secret admirer

For the last 2 days, I have received really sweet gifts at work from a secret admirer. The first was a bag of Combos with a heart shaped note saying “We make a great combo!” and today was an old style glass bottle of coke with a tag saying “I think you are soda-mazing!” Both notes are signed (on the back) “your … Continue reading →