Tutorial – Solomon’s Knot / Lover’s Knot

Solomon's knot tutorial on StitchesNScraps.com - a chain of lks

The Solomon’s knot or Lover’s knot stitch (lk) is a fast and easy way to create beautiful, lacy fabrics. The actual stitch is very simple – an extended chain combined with a single crochet. Here’s how you do it: Pull up a working loop to the desired length. If you are following a pattern, it should specify the length. Most … Continue reading →

Pattern Review – Wavy Garden Shawl by Iris Schreier

My wavy garden shawl

In the June Yarnbox last year (2014), was the Wavy Garden Shawl pattern by Iris Schreier, and the yarns needed to make it. I’m fairly inexperienced with knitting lace, and this pattern had a lot of things going on that were new to me. I made several mistakes (probably more than I even noticed), but in the end I think … Continue reading →

Free Pattern – Bruges Lace Napkin Ring

Bruges Lace Napkin Ring

Follow my blog with BloglovinIf you’ve never done Bruges lace, this pattern is a great introduction! Before you start, be sure to check out my new Bruges Lace tutorial.  Basic Bruges lace is really nothing more than the stitches you already know, with lots of chain spaces and slip stitches to create interlocking loops. These chain spaces create the beautiful … Continue reading →

Free Pattern – Filet Crochet Butterfly Motif Chart

Butterfly motif on the back of my swimsuit cover-up

Last week, I bought a new swimsuit, with butterflies all over it. I need a cover up of some sort, and have very little time to get it done. I decided I wanted an oversized, white, cotton, mesh shirt that would work up quickly, but wanted to incorporate a butterfly into the design. The obvious answer was filet crochet! The shirt … Continue reading →

Tutorial – Basic Filet Crochet

Finished motif

Filet crochet can look intimidating, but it’s really an easy technique and can be used to make just about any design! You can make something simple, like this Heart Filet Block by I’m Hooked, or something more complex, like this Four Rose Doily by Elizabeth Ann White. There are even filet versions of the Last Supper and the signing of the Declaration of Independence! Below is a … Continue reading →

Loving lover’s knots!

My first lovers knot wip

Have you heard of lover’s knots or Solomon’s knots in crochet? I’ve been coming across them a lot recently, and decided to try them out. I’m officially in love. Basically, this stitch is made with very long chains and single crochets. You can adjust the size of the chains to get the look you want, though the key is consistency … Continue reading →

Everything’s done

Stripey textured socks for Mark

I did it. I actually, finally, really did it. I have finished all the things. Today is the first day in….well, I can’t even remember how many years, that I have had absolutely NO WIPs. There’s nothing on my hooks, nothing on my needles, nothing even blocking or waiting for ends to be sewn in. It’s all done. My socks … Continue reading →