Tutorial – Solomon’s Knot / Lover’s Knot

Solomon's knot tutorial on StitchesNScraps.com - a chain of lks

The Solomon’s knot or Lover’s knot stitch (lk) is a fast and easy way to create beautiful, lacy fabrics. The actual stitch is very simple – an extended chain combined with a single crochet. Here’s how you do it: Pull up a working loop to the desired length. If you are following a pattern, it should specify the length. Most … Continue reading →

Tutorial: Starting chain – to knot, or not?

Make a loop

I hate knots in crochet. There’s nothing worse than squishing some soft, luxurious, handmade item and feeling a hard little bump. That’s why starting my crochet with a slip knot always really bugged me…but there’s no other way, right? Wrong. I learned this through trial and error, but was later told it’s called a “sloppy slip knot” and is popular … Continue reading →