Edging – Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob's Ladder Edging on StitchesNScraps.com

I’m mildly obsessed with Jacob’s ladders. Ever since I did the Jake’s Blankie Crochet-Along last year, I’ve been hooked. I used Jacob’s ladders in my Jacob & Julia bracelet, in my Accidental Beanie, and in my Criss Cross Applesauce square.  I love the chunky, braided look, and the versatility of this stitch. A bold, Jacob’s Ladder edging just seemed like … Continue reading →

Edging – Shells and picots

Edging - Shells & Picots on StitchesNScraps.com

Shells or fans are very popular for a decorative edging. If you get them spaced properly, they will lie flat and create a nice scalloped edge. My Blueberry Hill shawl has a simple shell edging that you can see in the picture below. Picots work well with shells too, and can add a little extra elegance and interest. Simple shell / … Continue reading →

Edging – Ruffles

Ruffle edgings - StitchesNScraps.com

This week, let’s get frilly! Ruffles are a fun and versatile way to edge your projects. Almost any stitch pattern can become a ruffle. The key is to work extra stitches into every stitch. Simple DC Ruffles If you’ve seen my Anemone blanket, you’ve seen a basic double crochet ruffle. To make this edge, I just worked 2 dc in … Continue reading →

Edging – Crab Stitch & Twisted SC

Crab Stitch & Reverse SC - StitchesNScraps.com

Crab stitch was one of the first decorative, single row edgings I learned. It creates a rope like edge by working backwards (from left to right). I recently learned a stitch called the twisted single crochet, which creates a very similar edge, but working forwards. Crab Stitch (Reverse Single Crochet) The instructions are simple – single crochet in each stitch, working … Continue reading →

Edging – Slip Stitch Edgings

Slip stitch edgings - StitchesNScraps.com

One very popular edging technique is the slip stitch edging. It’s easy to do and creates a nice, finished edge without adding a lot of bulk or length. By adding a chain between the stitches, you can get an entirely different, stretchier edging. Basic slip stitch edging For this edging, just slip stitch into every stitch.The slip stitches form a … Continue reading →

Edging – Working Evenly Across/Around

Many edgings start by working evenly across or around the edge of your project. To make this edge nice and even, you need to work the right number of stitches, and space them evenly. If your stitches are too close together, you’ll end up with a ruffled effect. If they are too far apart, it will pucker. When using a pattern, it … Continue reading →

Crocheting along – Jake’s Blankie, Week 10

I’m squeaking this in just under the wire – Week 11 of the Jake’s Blankie CAL on Jessie at Home actually starts today. My blanket though, is finished! I managed to find more white. I’m not entirely sure it’s the same yarn, but if not, it’s very close. I found just enough to do the one row border, but that’s all it needed. I … Continue reading →