Tutorial – Herringbone Half-Double Crochet Decrease

Herringbone Half Double Crochet Decrease tutorial on StitchesNScraps.com

Earlier, I showed you how to do the herringbone half-double crochet stitch (hhdc). If you’re not familiar with the hhdc stitch, please take a look at that tutorial first. Now let’s look at how to decrease (and increase too) in hhdc.

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Tutorial – dc3tog (Double Crochet 3 Together)

Finished stitch - dc3tog tutorial on StitchesNScraps.com

The double crochet 3 together (dc3tog) stitch is worked over 3 stitches and is a way to decrease by 2 stitches at a time. If you’re familiar with the dc2tog stitch or dc clusters, this is very similar. Here’s how it works: (Click on images to enlarge) I will be working into these 3 stitches   Start out just like you would … Continue reading →

Tutorial: Alternative hdc2tog (Half Double Crochet 2 Together)

Swatch showing my way of doing hdc decreases

Hdc is my go-to stitch when designing. It’s that in-between stitch that’s just right. It’s taller than sc, but not as floppy as a dc, It makes a nice solid fabric that’s not as stiff as sc but has smaller gaps than dc. The down side of hdc is the decreases, particularly at the edges of the fabric. I’ve always … Continue reading →

Loving lover’s knots!

My first lovers knot wip

Have you heard of lover’s knots or Solomon’s knots in crochet? I’ve been coming across them a lot recently, and decided to try them out. I’m officially in love. Basically, this stitch is made with very long chains and single crochets. You can adjust the size of the chains to get the look you want, though the key is consistency … Continue reading →

Tutorial – Slanted Double DC Decrease

This stitch decreases two stitches at once in double crochet. In other words, 3 stitches become 1 stitch. Rather than a centered decrease, this one leans to the right. When used at the end of a row, it creates a smooth, angled edge.

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