Free Pattern – Bruges Lace Napkin Ring

Bruges Lace Napkin Ring

Follow my blog with BloglovinIf you’ve never done Bruges lace, this pattern is a great introduction! Before you start, be sure to check out my new Bruges Lace tutorial.  Basic Bruges lace is really nothing more than the stitches you already know, with lots of chain spaces and slip stitches to create interlocking loops. These chain spaces create the beautiful … Continue reading →

Free Pattern – Red Eye square

Red Eye Square

This is the last of four 5 inch squares I made as homework for a crochet retreat. It does have more ends to weave in, but it’s still fun to make and goes quickly. You may be surprised to know, those raised blue lines are NOT post stitches. How do they work then? Read on and find out! This pattern is protected by copyright. … Continue reading →

Free Pattern – Merry-go-round square

Merry Go Round blanket square

This is the third of four 5 inch squares I made as homework for a crochet retreat. It’s much easier than it looks, with alternating accent rows on top of a background of dc stitches. The accent rows are worked in the front loop, so they stand up on top of the background, creating an interesting texture. Since the color changes with … Continue reading →

My Mandala for Marinke

Mandala for Marinke

If you’re not familiar with the #MandalasforMarinke and #MandalasforWink projects, you can read more about them here. For my mandala, I chose her Crochet Mandala For Your Home pattern. Her main pattern picture, which is done in grey, yellow, and white, looks so sunny and bright that I had to pick that one. Here’s my version. I used some yarns from my … Continue reading →

A little knitting math

Hexagon blanket in progress

I just finished the first of two skeins for this hexagonal blanket. I wanted to see, based on my progress so far, how much bigger it will get with the 2nd skein. I know it won’t double in length / diameter, because the rounds get wider, but It should double in total area. So how to calculate the area? I decided to … Continue reading →