Round Up – Graphed Designs

Graphed designs round up on

We’ve talked about diagonal box stitch, diagonal puff stitch, and combining the two in charted / graphed colorwork patterns. Now I’d like to end this segment with some graphed patterns that would work beautifully with these techniques.   I’ve already shown you the Santa Pixel Square by Repeat Crafter Me, now here’s the whole Christmas Character Blanket! I might put a puffy bow … Continue reading →

Combining Diagonal Box and Puff stitches

Swatch 4 - Diagonal box & puff stitches -

I’ve shown you how to do diagonal box stitch, then how to do a diagonal puff stitch variation, and then the Storm Clouds pillow pattern, which was made entirely using the puff stitch. For even more fun, you can combine both the puff stitch and the box stitch, with or without color changes. Let’s use this simple heart shaped chart to explore … Continue reading →

Tutorial – Diagonal Puff Stitch

Diagonal Puff Stitch Tutorial - Stitches'N'

Earlier, I showed you how to do the diagonal box stitch. Now here is a fun variation! The diagonal puff stitch is worked exactly in the same way as the diagonal box stitch, except that the 2nd dc of each box is replaced with a puff! With this one simple substitution, you get puffs that line up in opposite directions, creating … Continue reading →

Tutorial – Diagonal Box Stitch

Diagonal Box Stitch Tutorial - Stitches'N'

The diagonal box stitch is one of many stitches that can be worked from “corner to corner” (c2c), and it’s everywhere right now. This wildly popular stitch is great for blankets, but can also be used for scarves, sweaters, or just about anything else! Because it’s worked diagonally across the fabric, it creates nice diagonal stripes when used with self striping yarns. … Continue reading →

Free Pattern – Filet Crochet Butterfly Motif Chart

Butterfly motif on the back of my swimsuit cover-up

Last week, I bought a new swimsuit, with butterflies all over it. I need a cover up of some sort, and have very little time to get it done. I decided I wanted an oversized, white, cotton, mesh shirt that would work up quickly, but wanted to incorporate a butterfly into the design. The obvious answer was filet crochet! The shirt … Continue reading →

Tutorial – How to make a crochet chart using Inkscape

The other day I needed a way to quickly and easily draw a chart for a crochet pattern. After a little trial and error with various programs, I found that what I really wanted was an svg (vector graphic) editor, like Adobe Illustrator. Unfortunately, I don’t have Illustrator, and the price tag and features are a little too much for my needs. … Continue reading →

Casting on double knit scarf #2

Casting on for another double knit scarf this evening. This is a picture of the chart for the first part of it. I’ll show you the FOs after Christmas 🙂 What are you working on today? … Continue reading →