Knitting Along 3 – Anthology Blanket by the Underground Crafter

Squares 11-15 - Anthology Blanket KAL

We’re a little more than halfway through the Anthology Blanket Knit Along on Underground Crafter! We’ve finished 16 out of the 30 squares. I showed you my first 5 squares, and squares 6-10. I’m a little late in showing you squares 11-15, but here they are: From left to right, top to bottom, there’s Diagonal Broken Rib, Diagonal Rib, Tiny Triangles, Garter Stripes, and Purled … Continue reading →

Knitting Along 2 – Anthology Blanket by the Underground Crafter

Squares 6-10 - Anthology Blanket KAL

You may know that I’ve been knitting along with the Anthology Blanket Knit Along on Underground Crafter. At 10 squares in, we’re now 1/3 of the way through the blanket. A little while ago, I showed you my first 5 squares, now here are the next 5. From left to right, top to bottom, there’s Diamonds on Stockinette, Chevron Seed Stitch, Seeded … Continue reading →

Knitting Along – Anthology Blanket by the Underground Crafter

first 5 swatches - Anthology Blanket KAL

As many of you know, I’ve only fairly recently taken up knitting again, from when I was a child. I have the basics down, and with my background in crochet, I’m pretty comfortable playing around and making up my own things. But my technique is…well…let’s just say “not yet the greatest”. My tension can be a bit uneven sometimes, particularly … Continue reading →

Combining Diagonal Box and Puff stitches

Swatch 4 - Diagonal box & puff stitches -

I’ve shown you how to do diagonal box stitch, then how to do a diagonal puff stitch variation, and then the Storm Clouds pillow pattern, which was made entirely using the puff stitch. For even more fun, you can combine both the puff stitch and the box stitch, with or without color changes. Let’s use this simple heart shaped chart to explore … Continue reading →

This is why.

My friend's baby Harrison

Sometimes, I try to pull out the end from the center of a skein, and the whole middle comes out in one big blob of yarn barf that I then spend 2 hours untangling. Sometimes, 15 stitches from the end of a massive project, I run out of completely unmatchable yarn. Sometimes, I put down a project for a few … Continue reading →

My biggest blocking job so far

baby blanket blocking

This hexagonal baby blanket seemed quite small and manageable while I was knitting it, in fact I was worried it would be too small. I’ve never blocked a really large piece before, but I thought it would be the perfect job for my blocking wires. I was right! Here it is all stretched out: This post contains affiliate links (click for … Continue reading →

Free Pattern – Dreaming of Pinwheels

Dreaming of Pinwheels

This whimsical blanket combines my Windy Square and Pinwheel Square patterns. It uses a couple of different joining techniques and a simple striped border. It is made with Anne Geddes Baby yarn by Red Heart, and it has come out really soft and squishy. I had to resist the urge to cuddle up in it myself! At the end of the … Continue reading →