Free Pattern – Sargassum

Sargassum - a free crochet pattern on

Capture the feeling of delicate, lacy strands of seaweed, white sand beaches littered with shells, and the sparkle of sunshine on the clear, blue ocean. Sargassum is the name of a seaweed that washes ashore on the gulf beaches of Florida, where I recently went for a vacation. The days were full of warm sunshine, but there was still enough of a chill in the early mornings and late evenings to make this shawl a welcome accessory. The striping pattern gently shifts from more green to more blue, without repeating, while optional beads add a nice weight, and occasional sparkle as they catch the sunlight.

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Fiber Fun in Florida

Heart shaped shell found on St Pete's Beach

If you follow Stitches ‘N’ Scraps on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you already know that I was on vacation in Florida last week. We stayed on St. Pete’s Beach, and enjoyed plenty of beautiful weather, white sands, gulf breezes, magnificent sunsets…and even found a couple of great fiber shops!

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Free Pattern – Spiral Seashell Bag

Spiral Seashell Bag

This great bag is perfect for a day at the beach or a casual night out, with just enough room for a few essentials.  It could even make a good project bag! The idea for this bag started with the Spiral Seashell Square. The pattern for the back starts off the same way as that square, but it ends up different and bigger.  The … Continue reading →

Free Pattern – Spiral Seashell Square

Spiral Seashell Square

An on-line friend was having a baby. One of the members of our group asked us all to send an 8″ square, so she could put them together into a nice blanket for her. We were asked to use the blue and green colors that she was already using in other projects in the nursery. The colors made me think of the beach, and … Continue reading →

Free Pattern – Spiral Seashell Motif

Spiral Seashell Motif

This is an easy and quick seashell pattern, worked mostly in continuous rounds. It has two edging options, to give you more flexibility in how you use it. As written it makes a great coaster. You could size it up with a larger hook and chunkier yarn to make a nice hot pad / trivet, or you can size it down with … Continue reading →