Free Pattern – Pacific Sunset Mitts

Pacific Sunset Mitts - a free crochet pattern on

I got a skein of Lion Brand Landscapes yarn in a goodie bag at the Knit and Crochet Show last year. It’s a soft and silky, worsted weight, acrylic yarn. It’s just a little bit fuzzy, so it has a nice, soft “halo” to it when it’s worked up.The lovely yarn does all the work in this basic fingerless mitts … Continue reading →

Tutorial – Basic Filet Crochet

Finished motif

Filet crochet can look intimidating, but it’s really an easy technique and can be used to make just about any design! You can make something simple, like this Heart Filet Block by I’m Hooked, or something more complex, like this Four Rose Doily by Elizabeth Ann White. There are even filet versions of the Last Supper and the signing of the Declaration of Independence! Below is a … Continue reading →

Free Pattern – Super Simple Garter Stitch Headband

Super Simple Garter Stitch Headband

Here’s something a little different from my norm – a free knitting pattern! A friend and her two 10 year old daughters want to teach themselves to knit. They live too far away for me to physically help them, so I thought I would help find them a fun and easy pattern to learn with. They were looking for something that would … Continue reading →