I’ve been lucky for a while now – I think it’s been almost a year since I’ve been really sick. Unfortunately, my luck just ran out. My hubby and I have been hit hard over the last few days with that typical nasty winter ickyness that tends to go around. I was hoping to get so much more done this last week, but that’s how these things go. I have some projects in mind and haven’t been able to make it to the store. Hopefully that will change soon so I can get started!

I haven’t been completely fiber free this week though, and have a couple of fun things in the works. There are two blanket square designs I’ve been working on – I’ve been obsessed with blanket squares so far this year. One I hope to have out to you soon, and the other will have to wait until sometime this summer.

I’ve also been working on a hat that started out accidentally. A little while ago, I was making a square for the Jake’s Blankie CAL, but wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing. When I went to complete the Jacob’s ladders, I found I had missed all the increases along the way. It struck me though, that it looked a bit like a hat. A couple of rows of ribbing later, and sure enough….

an accident

It’s way too small of course. I’ve been working on sizing it up and tweaking the pattern a bit. I was wanting to pick up some new yarn for this project in fun, bright colors, but I managed to find some nice odds and ends in my stash instead. I hope to have the pattern for you next week, in sizes from preemie all the way up to adult!

I tried to knit a baby hat out of some leftover, fingering weight cotton, but found that I didn’t have nearly enough. I’ve also slogged away a bit at my latest pair of knit socks, but there’s no real progress to speak of. I’m just working up the main part of the foot in plain, boring stockinette, and maybe got another inch or two done.

I spent a little time sorting old cards and mementos into piles according to year, so I can finish up my 2010 scrapbooking and get started on 2011. Yes, I’m still 4 years behind.


Finally, I thought I’d try my hand at something new – I tried to crochet my name using Brugges lace. The intention was to make a name tag. I’ve never done Brugges lace before, or I might have realized it wouldn’t be the best idea. Trying to get the letters the size I wanted, with the yarn I wanted, just made them clunky and weird – so weird I ripped it out before even taking a picture. I do love the technique though, and I may have to try something else with it in the near future.

Right now though, it’s time for a little more medicine, another cup of hot tea, and something mindless and distracting on the tv. Bye for now!


Sick and tired — 2 Comments

  1. I am really looking forward to what happens when you tweak that hat to make a pattern for it. 🙂

    I hope you and your hubby feel better soon!

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