We’ve talked about diagonal box stitch, diagonal puff stitch, and combining the two in charted / graphed colorwork patterns. Now I’d like to end this segment with some graphed patterns that would work beautifully with these techniques.

Graphed designs round up on StitchesNScraps.com


I’ve already shown you the Santa Pixel Square by Repeat Crafter Me, now here’s the whole Christmas Character Blanket! I might put a puffy bow on the wreath, a puffy beard on Santa, and maybe even a puffy nose on Rudolph.

Christmas Character Afghan - RepeatCrafterMe

(Image courtesy of Repeat Crafter Me, used with permission)


This Baby Sheep Afghan, also by Repeat Crafter Me is just adorable! To add more texture, you could use puff stitches for the wool.

Baby Sheep Afghan - RepeatCrafterMe

(Image courtesy of Repeat Crafter Me, used with permission)


Marly Bird recently released her new Heart Throb Blanket for Red Heart. Isn’t it Stunning? You could make the little red heart in the center puffy, or if you’re feeling more industrious, could do all the letters in puffs.

Heart Throb Blanket - Marly Bird

(Image courtesy of Marly Bird, used with permission)


Here’s a fun City Streets Mapghan from One Dog Woof. If you did the background in puffs, the streets would be slightly sunken in the middle, with “curbs” on the edges!

City Streets Maphgan - One Dog Woof

(Image courtesy of One Dog Woof, used with permission)


Charts don’t even have to be designed for diagonal box stitches to work well for them – any chart with square shaped units will work. For example, this Anchor Graph Coaster from Posh Pooch Designs would make a great diagonal box stitch project. In worsted weight yarn, it would likely come out just big enough to use for a bag or small pillow.

Anchor Graph Coaster - Posh Pooch Designs

(Image courtesy of Posh Pooch Designs, used with permission)


What are your favorite charts for diagonal box stitch? Share the links in the comments! If you’ve made a project with one, be sure to share a picture in the Scrappy Stitchers Link Party!



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