Ravelry QueueLast night, I couldn’t decide what to do. I could have made some progress on any of the 3 new patterns I’ve been working on. I could have (finally) written up the review of my LYS that I’ve been meaning to write. I could have just worked on my Socks with Sarah socks, or the lacey vest/jacket thing that is going nowhere, or any of my other 4 or 5 WIPS. But I just didn’t feel like doing any of that…so I didn’t.

Instead, I looked at Ravelry. I thumbed through pattern after beautiful pattern, trying to find just the right patterns for all those beautiful skeins patiently waiting on my stash shelf. I queued up many (MANY) new projects, all of which I want to get to this year. Realistically, I doubt that’s going to happen…but I’ll see how far I can get!

Most of the items I’ve added to my queue are for gifts, so I can’t tell you about them. Here are some of the ones I CAN share with you. Since not everyone is on Ravelry, I have included non-Ravelry links in brackets where available.

Wow…I’m going to be busy!




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