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  1. I would be interested to test. My daughter is turning 4 in July, but she is a small kid. She weighs about 15 kg and she’s 96 cm, so that should be ok for 3T according to the internet? By what time would you need the pattern to be tested?

    • I haven’t set a specific deadline on this one since I’m still looking for testers – maybe a week or two from when I get the pattern to you? It works up fairly quickly in worsted weight yarn. The pattern is written specifically for Red Heart Kids and Super Saver yarns, so it would be preferable if you have those yarns available. If not, any equivalent worsted yarn will do as long as you can get gauge with it. It’s all in US terms though, so you may need to translate to UK terms

      • I’m not really familiar with the yarns you describe, since I live in Belgium 😉 I’m pretty sure I’ll find good yarns though 😉 No worries about US patterns, I’m used to reading them by now. I’ve got 3 urgent crochet projects to finish in the next two weeks, but after that I can try out the pattern. Does my girl sound Ok on the size? I’m not that familiar with US sizes 😉

          • I’ll take a deeper look into it tomorrow or the day after. I’m pretty sure there must be a conversion table US size versus Belgian size 😉

          • Oh dear. Last night I suddenly realised I never got back to you on this one… shame on me!
            I think she’ll be more of a 4T already. She weighs a little over 15kg and is on the edge of 97cm big; so it would either just fit or be simply to small. So I’m going to pass up on it I’m afraid. Hope you’ve found some testers in the mean time?

          • Yes, I did 🙂 If you want to fill out the form though, I’ll keep your name for next time! Thinking about setting up a facebook group for testers once I have a few more.

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