Pattern Review – Eloise Baby Sweater by Moogly — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Ms. Pia
    Yes, the pattern is definitely awesome. I came across your review on the Eloise sweater by Ms. Tamara Kelly because I am stooped by the 40 chains for the shoulder I,’ve tried a few ways yet, still don’t know where to start with it to make the front. I was hoping maybe you can help. I saw the video which did not help with the 40 chains. Hope you can help. Btw love your pattern as well.
    Sincerly, Millie

    • The 40 chains create the armhole opening – if you just go stitch by stitch through a few rows, it will start to become obvious. The raglan decreases in the following rows pull it all together so the armhole is upright. If you’re still having trouble, I would recommend reaching out to Tamara directly – maybe she can help you with it 🙂

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