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This April, I’m planning to try something new – an email newsletter! At first it will likely be monthly or biweekly, but I’m hoping to increase it to weekly once it gets going. Many of you have already subscribed to receive email notifications. If you received an email about this post, that means you are subscribed and you don’t need … Continue reading →

Free Pattern – Straight Up Beanie

Straight Up Beanie - A free crochet pattern on

Delicate columns of fans climb straight up to the top of this hat. The split/center dc stitches line up directly on top of each other, instead of being slightly offset like they normally would. This creates perfectly straight columns of stitches, for a unique texture. This pattern was designed for the “Make it for Me” CAL on Elk Studio. You’ve made it through another busy holiday season, and probably poured lots of love into handmade gifts for others. Now it’s time to make something extra special just for you. Be sure to check out the other great “Make it for Me” patterns too!

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Knitted Kitchen #3 – Garter Chevrons

Knitted Kitchen #3 - Garter Chevrons -

This Garter Chevron Washcloth is pattern #3 in the 2017 Knitted Kitchen Blog Hop. It’s a simple design with just knits and purls, and is available in 9 inch and 12 inch sizes. The pattern includes both written and charted versions of the instructions. There is also a video tutorial that focuses on reading and following the charts.

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How a Pattern Happens – Publishing

Eleanora - a free crochet pattern on

Have you ever wondered what goes into designing and writing a crochet pattern? It’s different for everyone, but I thought it would be fun to share my process with all of you. This is the 8th and final part of a series of behind-the-scenes posts, where you can join me as I work through a new design.

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Free Pattern – Eleanora

Eleanora - a free crochet pattern on

Get cozy with Eleanora! This casual, comfy vest has big roomy pockets and a subtle, all-over texture. It’s lightweight and not too warm. Perfect for relaxing at home. The Red Heart Soft Touch yarn is super soft and has lovely drape with just a little shine.

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Tutorial – Split / Center Stitches in the Round

Split / Center Stitches tutorial on

Split or center stitches are just like normal stitches except for where you place your hook. It’s much easier to work split stitches from the right side than from the wrong side, so they’re particularly great for working in the round without turning your work. Normal stitches are staggered between the stitches from previous rounds. As we’ve discussed before, this can cause the rounds to shift. Split stitches, on the other hand, line up directly above the stitches below them, so there’s no shifting!

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Scrappy Stitchers Link Party #26

Grass Stitch Scarf by the Underground Crafter - Most clicked in November's Scrappy Stitchers Link Party on

The Scrappy Stitchers Link Party ended 2016 with a bang – lots of beautiful projects linked up. The most clicked link in December’s party was the Grass Stitch Scarf from the Underground Crafter. Congrats Marie! Now, let’s get 2017 started off with an even bigger party!

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