12 and a half days really…are you ready?

Do you need some quick last minute gift ideas? Check out my Round-ups board on Pinterest. There are lots of great round ups listed there, by all different designers and bloggers, many with last minute Christmas gift ideas. There are some ideas there for embellishing your gift wrap too.  It’s like a round up of round ups!

Have someone that’s hard to craft or buy for? Not sure what to give? These gift card holders can add that personal touch you’re looking for to an otherwise impersonal gift card!

Gift card holdersRemember, in the last minute chaos that is Christmas crafting, take care of yourself as well. Take breaks, or change projects / techniques / yarn weights frequently to avoid repetitive strain injuries. Also try to give yourself the gift of some down time, to just enjoy the season, or it will be gone before you know it! (And yes, I know, I need to take my own advice too).



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