A little while ago, I told you a lot about my LYS, the Nook in Lisle IL.  That post sort of kept growing and growing, until I found I had written too much and hadn’t even mentioned yarn yet! I decided to keep all the yarnie goodness for this 2nd post.

The Nook has two owners, Tina and Kitty, both of whom love to knit and crochet. Most of the times I’m there, Tina is the one working. Our schedules just seem to work out that way. No matter how busy it is in the store, she will always make the time to take a look at your work, answer questions, and offer suggestions. If more help is needed, you can sign up (for a fee) for a one-on-one clinic with Sarah Ann, a very talented local fiber artist.

The back 2/3 of the store is everything you’d expect in a yarn store, including a workspace for knitting/crochet groups.

The work room at the NookThe work room at the Nook

I was lucky to get this mostly clear photo of the work area, because most days this space is full of us hookers and knit-wits! In addition to the regular stitching groups (which meet most evenings and even some mornings), there are also classes taught by some of the regulars, and other fun events going on all the time.

Sometimes local scouting troops come in for group lessons or projects. The other day, there was a book signing by a local author. Last year, we all got together and yarn-bombed this car for a local event.

Yarn bombed carYarn bombed car

There are always at least one or two charity projects going too. Every once in a while, there is a “lock-in” for charity where we bring a pot luck meal and stay till the wee hours of the morning working together on a chairty project. Just a couple of days ago we were making squares for a blanket. We ended up with enough squares for 2, plus some extra. The picture here just shows some of them.

A Lock-in event at the NookBlanket squares from a lock-in

There’s a separate room in the back of the store, labeled the “Bargain Nook”, with discounted items. Usually it’s discontinued yarns / colors, or yarns that the store will no longer be carrying. The selection keeps changing, so there’s always something new, and usually some really great deals back there.

Back room at the Nook

They have some lovely lotions and soaps at the front counter. They also have a good selection of finished jewelry, knit, and crochet items, made by the owners, regulars, and local artisans.

Lotion & Jewelry display at the Nook

With the coffee, ice cream, candy, and of course the yarn, The Nook is a great store. When you add in all the fun events, the wonderful people who work there, and the amazing friends that I get to see when I go…well it’s simply yarnie heaven. If you’re ever in the area, stop by! You’ll be glad you did.


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