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  1. I have never tried Red Heart Baby Hugs! Although I use several of the types of Red Heart, my favorite is Boutique! Thank you for hosting this giveaway!!!

  2. I have tried the baby hugs yarn but I have to order it on line because no store in my town sells its, it may be my fave of all the red heart yarns. but my next favorite red heart yarn is the soft

  3. i haven’t used red heart hugs, and it’s hard to choose just one favorite red heart product, but i’m currently working with red heart heart and sole and i love it. Ps those patterns are stinking adorable! <3

  4. I am home from the birth of a new grandbaby so have added incentive to try this new yarn. The giveaway would be a great start with the new yarn. :>)

  5. I love all the patterns and give aways my birthday is next week would love to win this fingers and toes are crossed

  6. I have not tried Baby Hugs Yarn. My favorite Red Heart Yarn is Red Heart With Love. It’s so soft and easy to work with.

  7. I have not tried Baby Hugs Yarn yet. My favorite Red Heart Yarn is Red Heart With Love because of the soft cuddly feel it gives my projects.

  8. I have not tried Red Heart Baby Hugs yet, but I plan on trying it soon. Love both of these patterns! My favorite is Red Heart with Love.

  9. What a great giveaway ,thanks for the chance. I have no tried baby hugs yet but I have used red hearts yarns before and my favorite is red heart unforgettable

  10. I would love to try this yarn, I have several baby projects I need to get done and this yarn looks like it feels amazing.

  11. Thanks for the contest. Love Red Heart yarn and would love to win some of their baby yarn. I have never worked with this type.

  12. I haven’t tried Baby hugs but it looks like just the yarn I need for a sweater, will have to check it out. I use and love all the Red Heart yarns for my crochet projects.

  13. I have never tried a red heart yarn that I didn’t like. I have an afghan (my first) that is over 30 years old and still looks new even after numerous washings. the only yarn I use.

  14. I have used Red Heart yarns for years. Super saver is best for afghans. I make a lot of baby clothes so looking forward to try this yarn.

  15. I haven’t tried Red Heart baby hugs yarn, but I’m having a baby in the fall so I can see I see this yarn in my future 🙂
    My favorite Red Heart yarn is probably the Super Saver because I’ve been trying a lot more larger projects lately. But, I love looking down the yarn aisle to look for new yarn… then I get out my cell phone and go to to look for what pattern I can use it for 🙂

  16. I have not tried Red Heart Baby Hugs Yarn yet. My favorite Red Heart Yarn is your Gumdrop Yarn! Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. I haven’t tried this yarn yet because I haven’t been able to find it in stores yet. My Favorit red heart yarn is with love

  18. I love Red Heart yarns, but haven’t tried baby hugs yet. I am expecting my first grandchild in October, and her room will be a sea – themed room in turquoise, so I’d love to win this yarn and the patterns to make for her!

  19. Use red heart for almost every project I have made. Never tried this one. No near by craft stores. Walmart is the only place we have!

  20. I have been having good luck with the Red Heart Love. I have yet to use the Baby Hugs, but am excited about the fact that it is made in two different plys.

  21. I have never seen Red Heart Babyhugs yarn before. I would love to try it. The colours look amazing. the Sea horse is amazing, i love sea horses i have one tattooed on my left ankle

  22. I haven’t tried Baby Hugs yet but will be looking for it on my next yarn run. My go-to Red Heart yarn is Super Saver for anything that’s not wearable. For wearables I use Soft.

  23. Never tried rh baby hugs yarn because it isn’t sold in my area! I usually use rh with love. I do a lot of crocheting for babies so would love to try it out.

  24. I haven’t tried Baby Hugs yet. I love all the Red Heart yarns so I’m sure it is wonderful, too. These patterns are amazing!

  25. I love to knit and Red Heart yarns are the best. I always marvel at the cute names these yarn companies come up with for their yarns. Baby Hugs is a cute one!

  26. I haven’t used the Baby Hugs yet. I do like Red Hearts yarns. Used a more worsted style to create a sweater for my husband –came out beautifully, held the shape just fine! Used a soft yarn to make a number of other projects and really like the variety of colors and the ability to coordinate colors.

  27. I have not tried Red Heart Baby Hugs yet. However, I use Red Heart Comfort Chunky frequently for afghans & other Red Heart yarns as well.

  28. Thank you for the chance to win. I am due with our second child THIS WEEK and this would be perfect. I really love the blanket you designed. I have used the baby hugs medium weight once and I loved it. Would love to try out the light weight. Thanks for offering the giveaway and the chance to win!

  29. I have enjoyed using Red Heart yarns for years. Currently my favorite is the Boutique Unforgettable with its credible colors. I have also made several projects with the new Scrubby which is fun to work with.

  30. I haven’t tried this yet but really want to. Tough to find these colors in a weight 4 yarn which I prefer over 3s. I love the Super Saver Icelandic yarn color and wish they made it in the softer lines.

  31. My favorite Red Heart yarn is With Love. This yarn is great and makes the best crocheted items. I have not tried Red Heart Baby Hugs yet but will in the future. I have found that the better yarns is all you should be using for your projects. Cheap yarns do not create good finished projects.

  32. I would sooo love to win this. My neice-in-law is expecting in December, and I’d like to make something that isn’t the usual baby shower gift. I really can’t afford much, but I think she would like these.

  33. I have not tried RH Baby Hugs yarn yet. I most often use Super Saver. But my favorite is Infinity. It is so soft and pretty.

  34. Never used baby hugs but have looked at it several times and absolutely love the colors. Favorite Red Heart yarn is soft.

  35. I would love to try the Red Heart Baby Hugs yarn. Looks soft and with beautiful colors. Would be great to win for my birthday tomorrow.

  36. I have not tried Baby Hugs yarn yet,hopefully some time in the near future. I usually use Red Heart Super Saver as I’m in a financial crunch, I loved all the Red Heart Yarns I’ve tried but always go back to the Super Saver.

  37. I have not tried Baby Hugs but I am planning on making many teethers and soothing cloths for babies. Would love to try the Hugs – my favorite is the Red Heart Super Saver because I am on a budget.

  38. Would really like to try Red Heart Baby Hugs yarn, then if I like it I will buy more and tell my knitting friends.

  39. Thank you for the give a way !! Ive never tried this line of Red Heart (which is my favorite yarn!) Looks so amazing <3 Thank you again !!

  40. I haven’t yet tried Hugs; but, my niece is expecting sssoooo–now is a great time to make the plunge !!! So far, my favorite Red Heart Yarns are Boutique and With Love. Like some others also. Love your Patterns !! YOU GO RED HEART !!!!

  41. I haven’t tried it – I haven’t been able to find it anywhere! D:
    I really like the Red Heart With Love – so soft!

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