Here’s something a little different from my norm – a free knitting pattern! A friend and her two 10 year old daughters want to teach themselves to knit. They live too far away for me to physically help them, so I thought I would help find them a fun and easy pattern to learn with.

They were looking for something that would be a quick and easy, first time success, and the girls, being 10 years old, aren’t particularly interested in washcloths. Headbands though? Well that’s a different story! Who doesn’t need a great new headband (or 10) with which to start out the new school year?

This headband can be made with or without the twist. It is knit flat, with only knit stitches. The pattern also includes a detailed diagram showing how to sew the one easy seam.

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Ribbed Fingerless Mitts

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Beginner – only knit stitches and 1 seam.


Adult, one size fits most.


Gauge is not particularly important for this pattern, as long as you like the width and thickness of the headband

Abbreviations Used:



  • Ch 2 at beginning of rounds counts as bpdc throughout, unless otherwise noted.
  • The knitted cast on and basic bind off are recommended as they are usually the easiest to learn.
  • For a wider headband, cast on more stitches. For a narrower headband, cast on fewer stitches.

Recommended Resources:

If this is your first time knitting, I recommend these basic tutorials from Knit Picks because they provide both photo and video versions.


Cast on 6 stitches:

Row 1: Knit all stitches

Following Rows: Repeat Row 1 until headband fits snuggly around your head. The knitting is likely to stretch over time, so a tighter fit is better. Bind off and cut yarn, leaving a 12 inch tail for sewing.


  • If desired, twist headband once before seaming (to give the twisted look as shown in the picture). If you prefer a flat headband, do not twist.
  • Thread the 12 inch tail into the yarn needle and sew together cast on and bind off edges. Using the numbers on Fig 1 as a guide, bring the needle up at the first stitch on the cast on edge (#1), down at matching stitch on bind off edge (#2), up at 3, down at 4, etc., pulling each stitch snug as you go.
  • Sew the rest of the tail into the existing stitches to “hide” it, changing direction once or twice to secure it better, then trim off the end. Sew in the other tail (from the cast on edge) in the same way.


I hope you enjoy the pattern! 

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