Last week, I bought a new swimsuit, with butterflies all over it. I need a cover up of some sort, and have very little time to get it done. I decided I wanted an oversized, white, cotton, mesh shirt that would work up quickly, but wanted to incorporate a butterfly into the design. The obvious answer was filet crochet! The shirt is still very much a work in progress, but here’s a picture of  the back:

Butterfly motif on the back of my swimsuit cover-up

I promise to write up the pattern for the whole shirt eventually. Meanwhile, here is the filet crochet chart for the butterfly motif. The version I used has lacy wings, but I’ve also included a version with more solid wings. Depending on the yarn or thread you use, this motif could also be used for a pillow, bag, doily, or even as wall decor.

***update – I didn’t particularly love the actual shirt when it was done – the filet butterfly turned out great, but the shaping/fit of the shirt I used it on was just OK. So I won’t be publishing the shirt pattern after all. ***

If you’ve never done filet crochet before or aren’t sure how to read the charts, don’t worry – it’s easy! Just check out my Filet Crochet Tutorial to get started.

This pattern is protected by copyright. Please do not distribute or share this pattern in any way other than by sharing a link to this page or to the pattern page on Ravelry. Click here for copyright information.

Please click the images to zoom in. Don’t forget to add this pattern to your Ravelry library!

Lacy butterfly chart - 33 x 35

Lacy butterfly chart – click image to zoom

Solid butterfly filet crochet chart - 33 x 35

Solid butterfly chart – click image to zoom

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Free Pattern – Filet Crochet Butterfly Motif Chart — 15 Comments

    • Are you trying to download one of the charts? They are jpg image files – if you zoom in by clicking on it, you should then be able to right click and “save image as”…

  1. Hello – these are very pretty. Approxinately, what size is the finished “square”? . I want to frame it. Your tutorial will be most helpful as I have never dobe filet crochet before. Thank you.

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