Free Pattern – Filet Crochet Butterfly Motif Chart — 17 Comments

    • Are you trying to download one of the charts? They are jpg image files – if you zoom in by clicking on it, you should then be able to right click and “save image as”…

  1. Hello – these are very pretty. Approxinately, what size is the finished “square”? . I want to frame it. Your tutorial will be most helpful as I have never dobe filet crochet before. Thank you.

  2. Are there printed instructions for the Butterfly filet crochet pattern? Especially for how many chains I would need for a beginning? From there I can follow the picture.

    • I’m sorry but this one is available in chart format only. THere is a tutorial on how to read the chart though! As far as starting chains, each square on a filet crochet chart represents 3 stitches, and then you add 1 for the edge, so both these charts would be 100 stitches across. You can make your first row in sc, dc, hdc, whatever you like. So for sc you would ch 101, then sc in 2nd ch and each ch across for the 100 stitches. I used foundation sc, so I just did 100 foundation sc. Whatever you choose to start with, you’ll need to have 100 stitches to start the chart. Please see the tutorial for more details:

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