Have you ever printed out photos for a page, only to realize later that you would have preferred to have the photos in a different size? I used to do that all the time! More than once, halfway through designing a page layout, I would throw away and reprint all the photos. It was a real waste of time, paper, and ink! Then one day, I had an idea.

I decided to save those misprinted photos. I wrote the size on the back, and laminated them. I kept doing this until I had a complete set of several photos in each of several commonly used sizes. Now, when I design a page, I just use those as placeholders until I am sure of how I want the page to look. Once I have everything planned out, I just print the photos in the sizes I need. It was so easy to make these, and no more wasting photos!

Here’s an example of a page in progress, using a couple of these placeholders:

Page layout using placeholders

And here’s the finished page with the actual photos:

finished page

The photo corners and washi tape could only be added once the actual photos were used, of course. What do you think? Do you do something similar when planning out your pages?


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