It seems like I’m playing catch-up a lot recently, and my progress on the Moogly Afghan CAL is no exception. The CAL is already on block 6, but I have just finished my block 5. Here it is!

Square 5 for the Moogly CAL blanketThis is my variation of the Unbroken Hearts square by Posh Pooch Designs. This was a fairly laid back square compared to the others, which was nice. As a matter of personal taste, I tend not to like lacy squares with big holes, so I modified this one a little to add a back layer behind the lacy section. I think it turned out pretty nicely! The blue edging is still a bit open (the green you see behind it is my blocking board) but the gaps are fairly small. My gauge was a bit big on this one, so I opted to leave off the last row and just add the sc edging I have on all my squares.

You may notice the colors are completely different than my previous squares. This is a stashbuster project for me, and I ran out of some of the colors I had used in the first four squares. I plan to do sets of 4 squares in different color combinations, so that I can use up as much as possible of my basic acrylic stash, and hopefully not need to buy any more to finish the blanket. We’ll see how it works out!

I have started on square 6, and will tell you all about that one soon. Also be sure to check back here on Wednesday for an exciting announcement!


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