May Flowers Pattern Round-up

Beltane blessings to all of you who celebrate it! I love how the whole world seems to be blooming at this time of year (though my allergies don’t love it quite so much.) To celebrate this May Day, here is a round up of beautiful flowers that DON’T make me sneeze:   Wildflower Crown by Tiny Owl Knits: This simple knit … Continue reading →

April Showers Pattern Round-up

I rather like the rain in April. It’s particularly refreshing after a long, cold, snowy winter like this one was. In honor of April showers, here is a round-up of 6 rain related patterns: Water Cycle Socks by Tami Sheiffer: For fans of rain, or science geeks, or both (like me), these may just be the perfect socks! This clever pattern displays … Continue reading →