Free Pattern – Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake Blanket - a free pattern on

Fluffy, textured layers of vivid colors are separated by thin bands of white. This delicious blanket is as irresistible as the rainbow layer cakes that it looks like. The stitch pattern is easy and works up quickly, and best of all, it’s completely calorie free – so go ahead, dig in! It’s made in Red Heart Baby Hugs yarn, which has been tested to be free from harmful levels of over 300 substances, so smooshing your face in it is perfectly acceptable too.

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Scrappy Stitchers Link Party #30

Ballerina Bunny Charlotte made by Haekelfieber - most clicked in Scrappy Stitchers Link party #28!

The April Scrappy Stitcher’s link party had some really adorable Easter projects in it! A cute pair of Ballerina Bunnies made by Häkelfieber was the most clicked project

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Free Pattern – Sargassum

Sargassum - a free crochet pattern on

Capture the feeling of delicate, lacy strands of seaweed, white sand beaches littered with shells, and the sparkle of sunshine on the clear, blue ocean. Sargassum is the name of a seaweed that washes ashore on the gulf beaches of Florida, where I recently went for a vacation. The days were full of warm sunshine, but there was still enough of a chill in the early mornings and late evenings to make this shawl a welcome accessory. The striping pattern gently shifts from more green to more blue, without repeating, while optional beads add a nice weight, and occasional sparkle as they catch the sunlight.

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Scrappy Stitchers Link Party #29

Princessa - by Lilia Craft Party Designs

We had some really pretty projects in the March Scrappy Stitchers Link Party. Congrats to LiliaCraftParty for the most clicked link, her Princessa Baby Blanket! Now it’s your turn to share your pictures. Remember, any fiber related project you’ve made is fine – it does not have to be your own design and you don’t have to have a blog. You can link up your Ravelry project pages or Instagram photos too. While you’re here, help support each other by clicking on a few of the other entries.

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Free Pattern – Beach Ball Square

Jump into summery fun with this Beach Ball Square! Vibrant colors and a raised edge make the beach ball really pop on a neutral, sandy background. Finished off with a fast and colorful border, this square is sure to add a little sunshine to your project. This pattern was designed for the Moogly 2017 afghan CAL.

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Tutorial – Crocheting with Beads (pre-strung)

Setting a Bead -

Ready to add a bit of sparkle to your crochet? There are several different ways to add beads to crochet, and all end up having a slightly different effect. In this tutorial we’re looking at crocheting with beads that have been pre-strung. This means we string the beads onto the yarn first, and then work them in as we go along.

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Tutorial – Linked Double Crochet (ldc)

Linked dc tutorial on StitchesNScraps

Double crochets are fast and easy, but for some applications they are too loose and leave unwanted gaps. Linked double crochet (ldc) stitches close those gaps by linking the stitches together in the middle. This creates a firmer, denser fabric that’s not quite as stiff or thick as single crochet. I love ldc for borders on lacier items. It can add shape and structure to an otherwise floppy piece, while creating a decorative edge. It’s also great for things like pockets where you still want a little drape, but want to limit gaps.

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