Hi, I’m Pia – welcome to my blog! You can also find Stitches & Scraps on Facebook, and I’m PiaThadani on Ravelry

So let’s see…what would you like to know about me….

Well, for starters, my mom is the one who got me started in needle crafts, and I still look to her for help when I have questions.  She taught me knitting when I was very young, and then a few years later she taught me to crochet. As a kid, I found crochet easier and faster, so I stuck with that and over time I forgot pretty much everything I knew about knitting. I started re-learning it all in 2013, and was a little knitting obsessed for a while. In 2014 I shifted back to crochet and started designing and writing patterns, which I’ve found out I absolutely love!

I’ve also done my fair share of other hook and needle crafts such as cross stitch / embroidery, needlepoint, rug hooking, etc. These days though, it’s mostly knitting or crochet. I do the other stuff once in a while, but not often. The one needle craft I absolutely can’t do is any form of sewing (including quilting).  I’ve bought the machines, read the books, tried the patterns, watched the videos, taken the classes…it’s no use…but that’s ok, I have more than enough projects to keep me busy without adding sewing to the list!

Taking a break from hooks and needles, my other crafty passion is scrapbooking. I’ve also tried my hand at quilling, though I never made it past the basics.  That’s about it for now, though I’m sure there will be more cool crafts to pick up (and blog about!) along the way.


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  2. I have nominated you for a Leibster award

    your questions are:
    1: What is it that you are best at craft wise
    2: When and why did you start to blog
    3: What is your favourite yarn and why
    4: What would be your dream project
    5: where do you see yourself n 5 years
    6: What would be your dream job
    7: How did you learn your craft
    8: Are you a messy crafter…tell the truth
    9: What age were you when you started
    10: Who taught you

  3. Dear Pia,
    Thanks so much for putting Tina’s posting up on Raverly with her first pattern. It is really a great job you did and linking our website is another plus.

  4. I have a patters for a Pittsburgh Steeler logo surrounded by black, gold and white. I am having trouble putting the lettering on the logo. I made my afghan with two logos and am going to put “Pittsburgh” on one and “Steelers” on the other one. Can you help me with the lettering? I have started about 10 times and taken it out every time. I just can’t get it to look right. My e-mail address is shegreene3@aol.com. I would very much appreciate your help.
    Thank you,

    • Sheila: I’ve found that for complicated lettering tasks, it’s easiest to just embroider it onto the top of the piece at the end. I’m assuming this is a crochet blanket? I like to print my letters onto graph paper, pretending each square on the graph is a space between stitches in my crochet (not a stitch, rather the space between them) and then backstitch it just like i would for a counted crosstitch project. Honestly I just use the chart as a guide and then freehand it a bit. It also helps to start from the center of the word and work your way out on both sides. That helps the spacing to be a bit more even.

      Hope that helps!

  5. Hi I am trying to get started on Darkness-a hooded scarf. It’s gorgeous. I am, however, having difficulty understanding the pattern. If I am starting with 70 chains and I am following the pattern, how is it I am only supposed to have 46 stitches after only 1 row is done? When I look at the chart it looks like I am supposed to be increasing each row but after 7 rows I have a rectangle.
    What am I missing?

    • Peggy:

      It sounds like you have 2 separate issues. Regarding the first question, you start with 70 chains but in the first row you skip several stitches (Approximiately every 3rd stitch), so you end up only actually working 46 stitches. The second question you have is about the increases. If you’re having trouble establishing the pattern correctly in the first row, this is probably why you’re not getting increases. If you look at the chart, you will see that extra stitches get worked along the one edge for the first 6 rows, for the hood shaping. I think maybe you are not working those as written, but rather just continuing in the regular stitch pattern.

      I would suggest starting over, and going carefully stitch by stitch through either the instructions or the chart, and you should see the increases work out. Mostly they’re done by adding chain spaces without skipping anything. After row 7, you’re safe to work in the established pattern without paying as close of attention, all the way up to row 32.

      • I was wondering about that because of the skipped stitches, but for every skipped stitch there is a chain added. So sc in first stitch, chain 1, sk 1, sc in next 2. You are skipping but the chain being added replaces it. Should I not be doing the chain in between? The pattern calls for it.

        • yes, but those chains aren’t stitches. You start with 70 chains – one is the turning chain so that doesn’t count. so after row 1 you have 46 stitches and 23 chains….which adds up to 69, which is what you started with.

          • So you do add them for a total. I do have 69 all together when I’m done. As each row progress I have the additional space I should have. When I was looking at the chart there is a definite ‘v’ shape happening that I am not getting though.

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