Free Pattern – Asymmetrical cowl

asymmetrical cowl2The seemingly unending saga of this cowl has now, officially…well…ended! Here is the finished Asymmetrical cowl crochet pattern!

To all my UK friends, I’m sorry, I didn’t translate it…but it’s all simple sc / UK dc…so hopefully not too much translation needed.

This is my very first attempt at creating a pattern based on a picture of someone else’s project. I would love your feedback! If anyone uses the pattern and finds any errors, please let me know so I can correct them. I left a spot for a picture too, just in case some wonderful person makes it, sends me a picture that I can use (hint hint) :)

And with that…on to other things. I think a simple crocheted lace edging may be next. I’m in the mood for something quick.

Update: This pattern is now available on Raverly

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22 Responses to Free Pattern – Asymmetrical cowl

  1. sindel17 says:

    I’m excited! I’ve been watching my blogging partner, Nights7, making hers and I’m curious how your patterns compare.

  2. I didn’t follow up on others making their version of the cowl this months but now that I get to it: you have done a wonderful job to create a crochet version. So cool! I just finished my knitted version pattern and put it up on ravelry!

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  5. shauna825 says:

    I would love to see a photo of the finished piece!

  6. Amandas says:

    how many skeins of yarn did you end up using?

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  8. amy hooper says:

    I have made two of these so far!!!! I love the pattern! I want to send you a picture but i am not sure how :)

    • I’m so happy to hear that!!! :) Do you have a ravelry account? if you do, you can upload it to a project there and then send me the link….

      otherwise I can e-mail you and you can reply with the pictures :)

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